Terms & Conditions & Return Policy
Corporate Name: ALONSO
Address: 39 rue Pierre PUGET 66000 PERPIGNAN FRANCE
Registration Number: 512490947
Country of dispatch: SPAIN

- It is the responsibility of the buyer to follow his package online with the follow-up link provided to him and to immediately report any anomaly found

- Any package returned to the seller despite the follow-up link given to the buyer will be considered a withdrawal (except warranty).





An order is considered valid from the moment the buyer clicks on the "order" button. The order processing is executed by computer
and this procedure can not be stopped. A cancellation or change of address is no longer possible.



- Delivery in parcel tracking: A parcel tracking link is sent to the buyer. it is then up to the buyer to follow his package online until receipt and all
implement it to be able to recover it and immediately report any anomaly of delivery to the carrier. In case of dispute, the buyer may ask the
seller proof of delivery. This evidence (provided by the carrier) is intended to prove the good faith of the seller and the shipment of the package to the address provided
by the buyer. This document can be signed by the carrier or a third person, the tracking package is not a parcel delivered against signature.

- Delivery by registered against signature: the package is delivered by hand. In case of dispute, the buyer may request a proof of delivery which must include
obligatorily the signature of the buyer.



- The seller could not be held responsible in case the buyer did not follow his package.

- The seller can not be held responsible in case the buyer does not react to any delivery incident mentioned in the parcel tracking.

- The seller could not be held responsible in the case where the buyer would not manifest within 48 hours if the follow-up indicates that the parcel was delivered but that
the buyer claims not to have received it.



If it is impossible for the carrier to deliver the parcel and for whatever reason, the carrier can deposit your parcel at the most
close so that it is not stolen or lost. This information will be indicated on your parcel tracking, by clicking on "IDENTIFY THE RELAY POINT".

The display of the relay point will be active until the delivery of the parcel to the buyer (mention delivered) or during the legal period of conservation of parcels, ie 7-10
MAXIMUM days. After this period, the address of the relay point will no longer be visible and the package will be returned to the sender at the expense of the buyer. these fees will then be
deducted from a possible refund.



By placing an order, the customer EXPRESSLY accepts to be delivered in relay point if a home delivery is not possible and for whatever reason.
This mention is not specific to MerKado but imposed by all the carriers (the post office, DHL, GLS etc.)

By placing an order, the buyer accepts the billing of the return postage if the package is returned to the sender and this, whatever the reason for the return.



In accordance with the law, any object ordered and not recovered by the buyer (despite the follow-up link provided to the latter) or can not be delivered by the buyer.
carrier following an incorrect address, an incomplete address, an absence or any other reason WILL BE FORWARDED TO THE SELLER after 7 days and THIS AT THE EXPENSE OF
THE PURCHASER (HAMON LAW). NO dispute will be accepted. By accepting the terms and conditions the customer accepts this clause.



It is incumbent on the customer to make every effort to recover his parcel thanks to the tracking link provided. The seller could not be held to
responsible in the event that the buyer does not react to any delivery incident mentioned in the package tracking.



The posted delivery times are the usual delays announced by the carriers. They are not contractual but can not exceed 30 days.

MerKado can not be held responsible for delays caused by carriers, especially during intense periods such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. or in times of
strikes or bad weather. Any complaint after a late delivery will be refused.



Any rejected package is considered a retraction. The return of the package will be done under the responsorship of the buyer. The cost of return will be the responsibility of the buyer (HAMON LAW). IMPORTANT NOTICE: ------------------------ The return costs are at the expense of the buyer- The return is under the responsibility of the buyer, no refund will occur if the product arrives at the damaged seller.- In case of refund, it will be made within a maximum of 15 days after receipt and inspection of the package by the seller.RIGHT OF RETRACT: +++++++++++++++++++++++ IMPORTANT: THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL DOES NOT APPLY IF THE PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN UNPACKED, OPENED OR USED in accordance with the law.The buyer has 14 days after the date of delivery or presentation of the parcel to the address indicated by the buyer to exercise his right of withdrawal, to the extent where the product is returned so that it can be put back on sale "As is", ie NEW, NOT USED, COMPLETE and IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING, which do it is absolutely intact (no sticker, writing or other) and placed imperatively in an over-packaging (for example that provided during shipping). We reserve the right to deduct a re-packaging fee if the original packaging is not intact. IMPORTANT NOTES: --------------------- --- is considered as RETRACTATION any parcel refused or not recovered by the buyer. It is the customer's responsibility to FOLLOW PACKAGES through the tracking link provided. If the follow-up mentions the passage of the conveyor, the purchaser is thus ADVISED OF the PASSAGE of the carrier. A notice of passage in paper is not obligatory.- THE COSTS OF RETURN ARE ALWAYS THE CHARGE OF THE PURCHASER (HAMON LAW) .- In case of traces of use of the product, return not complete, product NOT RETURNED IN ORIGINAL PACKING or any incident not allowing to put the product on sale in the state, THE RETRACTATION WILL BE CANCELED. The product will be returned to the buyer AT HIS COSTS. In case of refusal of the buyer, the product will be destroyed within 30 days without any compensation for the buyer.- In case of refund, the latter will be made within a maximum period of 15 days after receipt and control of the package by the vend.GARANTIE ++++++++ PREAMBLE: Products from abroad, it is not possible for the seller to organize return coupons or recover products in relay point. By placing an order, the customer EXPRESSLY agrees to advance the return postage for the processing of warranty cases. CASSÉ RECEIVED OR INCOMPLETE PRODUCT --------------------- ----------- In accordance with the law and the GTS, you MUST ABSOLUTELY DECLARE THE INCIDENT TO THE CARRIER WITHIN 48 HOURS THAT FOLLOW THE RECEIPT OF THE PACKAGE in accordance with Article L. 133-3 of the Code de commerce.Paralellement, ALWAYS WITHIN 48H MAXIMUM and in order to constitute the file for the insurance of the carrier, thank you to provide us: 1 - Photo / scan of the sheet of control (sheet attached to any order) in order to remove the lack of conformity.2 - The number of declaration of dispute with the carrier (or proof of declaration) 3 - An email (with reclamation@merkado.fr) with the number of Order in the subject of the email and a brief description the problem (you can also use email) 4. Picture of the closed outer package5. Photo of the open outer package with the product visible (out) so that we can see the protections to see if they are damaged6. Photo of the shipping label on the outer carton7. photo of the broken product (with the obvious concern) VERY IMPORTANT: ---------------- ACCORDING TO THE LAW and the GTC, ANY FILE INCOMPLETE or RECEIVED past 48H after receipt of the package will be REFUSED. ALL POINTS MUST BE STRICTLY RESPECTED at the risk of seeing the request canceled by the insurance. IMPORTANT NOTES: ----------------------- There is 3 possibilities to explain the receipt of a defective product: 1 - The product has been damaged during transport: the carrier warranty applies only if the incident is declared to the carrier within 48 hours of receipt of the package.2 - The product was broken before shipping the package: the incident must be declared within 48 hours of receipt of the product to the seller. the latter then asks for a precise list of documents to be returned within 48 hours. After receipt, it is the insurance of the manufacturer who takes care of the dispute.3 - PAST THIS 48H TIME, the legislator considers that the incident could have intervened at the buyer (fall of the product, bad handling etc .. .). In this case, the WARRANTY CAN NOT BE APPLIED. (6 MONTHS WARRANTY IF YOUR PURCHASE DATE BEFORE MARCH 15, 2016 ---------------------------------- ----------------------------- If your purchase was made before March 15, 2016, the warranty period is 6 months24 MONTHS WARRANTY IF YOU PURCHASE DATE AFTER MARCH 15, 2016 --------------------------------------------------------------- If your purchase is after March 15th 2016, you benefit from 24 months warranty.In both cases, you can make a warranty claim provided you respect the following points: - The product must be returned CLEAN with all accessories and notices and if possible in its packaging The product must be returned in an overpack (for example that used for sending) ATTENTION: - If it turns out that the product is in perfect working order, the product will be returned to the buyer at his expense. In case of refusal of the buyer, the product will be destroyed within 30 days without any compensation for the buyer.- If the product has a manufacturing defect, the return postage will be refunded.APPLICATION OF THE GUARANTEE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ - The return refund amount can not exceed the amount invoiced by the seller for the initial shipment of the parcel (maximum amount = one-way shipping fee) .- The refund of the products is made within a maximum of 15 days after receipt and the seller's control of the package.THE WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + - Damages involving the liability of a third party or resulting from an intentional or fraudulent fault. - Damage resulting from use of energy, use or installation which does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions or negligence. replacing accessories (such as: filters, brush and vacuum hose, ·), the r location of batteries, light bulbs, tubes and lamps of overhead projector and video projector,. and any presentation parts that do not interfere with the proper functioning of the device.- Damage resulting from oxidation (eg mobile phone, camcorder, digital camera, ...) .- Antenna breakdowns, connection or commissioning errors.- Damage resulting from commercial, industrial, artisanal or liberal use. - Damage resulting from an external cause such as shock, falling, lightning, fire, water damage, storm or vandalism.88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888The products are shipped from Abroad (South America, Europe, USA, CHINA etc ...) and are guaranteed 6 months for purchases made before March 15, 2016 and 24 months for all purchases made after March 16, 2016.CAUTION: You benefit from exceptional discounts on our products. However some products are accompanied by notices in Spanish or English. These exceptions are clearly indicated on the product sheet. We advise you if you need to search on the NET (GOOGLE, YOUTUBE etc.) to find tons of examples and documentation about your product or use free tools like google to translate some missing information. In general, the use of these products is intuitive and does not require any special documentation. * Non-contractual photos * Invoices are issued in digital form (PDF)